Mister Rogers brought his sweet, positive simplicity of the quintessential neighborhood with,


“I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you, I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?”


This sentiment is something all homeowners look for when moving in to their dream neighborhood — neighbors they not only get along with but build a neighborhood community alongside. And, if you’ve ever experienced the not-so-neighborly neighbors, this aspect is even more crucial in the home buying process.


Be swept away by the ruggedly modern landscape of Cheyenne, Wyoming. At Homes By Guardian, we are creating neighborhoods of new homes for families to set roots down in and live in a neighborhood community with barbeques and pool parties! To learn more about what to look for in neighbors, follow along in today’s blog.

It’s a Win For Everyone – Having Good Neighbors


Like the careers we’re in, neighborhoods function similarly — it’s all about the people your surrounded by. People make or break your job, just as neighbors make or break your neighborhood. There is so much to be said about having great neighbors, they watch over your property and care for you when you’re ill — they’re invested in you as a person and want the best for you. The former statement is ideal because having neighbors who let your dog go loose after it gets out or not telling you about your headlights that were left on, well, it’s just unfortunate. When you’re moving to an amazing community in Cheyenne such as The Pointe or Thomas Heights, look for these traits of good neighbors.


Good Neighbors Are Thoughtful


Though it’s difficult to get a good look at the people you’ll be moving in next to, if you spend a little time walking the neighborhood and talking to the people in it, usually they’ll be quite candid with how things are. So, if people are outside when you’re walking the neighborhood and are cold or don’t smile and say hello, this could be an indication of a questionable neighbor. If, on the other hand, they’re warm and open and answer questions, perhaps they’re the neighbors just for you!


Good Neighbors Are Mature


Moving into a neighborhood that functions like high school with gossip and bad attitudes, is anything but fun. Being adults means be mature enough to handle disputes and conflict appropriately. Consider meeting with members of the HOA and discussing the neighborhood — if there is gossip or ill-will towards specific neighbors, you may want to ask more questions and get more information before committing to the neighborhood.


Good Neighbors Are Connected


While some don’t like to give people they don’t know their contact information, it may save you or your neighbor in the long run. Emergencies are emergencies for a reason, they don’t ever occur at a convenient time. Having your neighbor’s contact information to tell them you have a package that was mistakenly delivered to your house or that you need an emergency sitter, is beneficial for both parties. When exploring the neighborhood, ask if you can exchange information about the neighborhood if they’re open and willing, this is a great sign.


Good Neighbors Take Care of The Exterior


Nowadays, new homes in neighborhoods all have an HOA to abide by, but peruse the neighbor — how does it look? Do people take care in the exterior with nice landscaping, or do things still look a little untidy? How they care for the exterior, speaks volumes of how they care for there home and perhaps how they will ultimately treat you!


Neighbors really do make or break your experience of a neighborhood, so pay attention to the small details and before committing to one, walk the neighborhood and talk with the people in it!

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