Together and under the same roof!

Multigenerational living is gaining popularity in the housing market — whether out of necessity or nostalgia — and many people are embracing what it has to offer!

At Homes By Guardian in Cheyenne, we are building communities, neighborhoods, and homes that infuse family — whatever that may look like for you! Learn more about multigenerational living in today’s post.

What is Multigenerational Living?

Multigenerational living is a household that contains at least two adult generations under one roof. This could be adult children living with their parents, grandparents living with children under the age of 25, and beyond.

People are intentionally seeking to live with their parents and grandparents? 

Yes, people are intentionally choosing to live with older and younger generations. In fact, it’s thought that roughly one in five American households practice multigenerational living.

Families are electing multigenerational living for a myriad of reasons. Although we’re beginning to climb out of the housing collapse that affected so many from 2006-2011, some may have had to move into parents’ homes or vice versa simply because they had no other choice.

Many adult children out of college are facing a job market that does not compensate for high living costs, and many find it difficult to afford housing and end up moving back in with their parents.

It’s not uncommon for senior citizens to move back in with their children when their health begins to decline, and it’s often a much more affordable option than a nursing home or assisted living.

Adult children, their parents, and other family members are also seeking out homes for multigenerational living — an ode to the past when most families were under the same roof and everyone in the family unit helped out. Parents are their adult children helping with childcare, are household burdens — including mortgages, rent, and bills — are less of a burden and provide some with more financial freedom.

Advantages of Multigenerational Living

  • Helps with overall financial challenges
  • Supports college grads as they’re finding their career footing
  • Helps older adults (senior citizens) stay healthy and more independent
  • Supports single people with children on limited resources
  • Promotes communal living where everyone can benefit from the financial and emotional support


Challenges of Multigenerational Living

  • Added stress when boundaries aren’t clearly defined and set
  • Reduced privacy
  • Discussion of finances
  • Difficult creating a space of one’s own


Finding a Multigenerational Home in Cheyenne

If multigenerational living makes sense for your family, it’s important to consider the needs of all parties involved. Considerations for the size of the family and the unique requirements of each person is key to finding a multigenerational home that will work. 

  • How old are your kids? Are you planning to have more?
  • What are the health needs of everyone?
  • Does everyone work a traditional 9 to 5, or does someone have shift work?

The questions above are just a small starting point when it comes to choosing a multigenerational space. 

Types of Homes to Consider


Many times you can find two duplexes in a listing. What was once considered an investment property where you live on one side and rent out the other, becomes a perfect living situation for a multigenerational home.  

In this instance, both adult generations have completely separate living spaces, but are close enough to support each other in child care, shared meals, etc.. 

Carriage Houses

If your new build has the option or your HOA allows for additional construction, a carriage house is wonderful in multigenerational living. It’s a space that’s built over a garage — a small apartment — but offers everyone their own space. Again, there is easy access to the main house, but with a little more added privacy and personal space. 

Modified Basements

Many new home builds come with unfinished basements, which provides the perfect opportunity for a specialty design that can include two residences. 

You may also be able to work with a home builder that can create two master suites or a space that is more conducive to multigenerational living. 

Consider these Cheyenne homes for multigenerational living:

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