There are three stages to moving: packing everything up to be moved, moving, and unpacking. And, while moving is the easy part, it is the unpacking that is much less savory in the process. If moving doesn’t render you tired and exhausted, nothing takes the final steam out of you quite like unpacking and organizing where things will go. Putting off unpacking is fine at first, after all, you need a little rest and relaxation, but as days turn to weeks before you know it, you are living out of boxes six months after the initial move!


Moving and unpacking can be stressful especially when you have to coordinate your life around work and family life. At Homes By Guardian, we are building living communities such as Thomas Heights and The Pointe, so you’ll have neighbors to help lend a hand! If you are stuck in an unpacking rut, take a breath, and enjoy today’s post.

How To Unpack Your New Home, Even When You Hate It!


The joys of unpacking are similar and equal to the joys of waiting in line at the DMV or waiting for the plumber to show up. The first step in unpacking is to try and relax — put on a pot of your favorite herbal tea, or crack open a cold — a boozy unpack sounds way more fun!


Embrace the unpacking journey in your new Cheyenne home!


After The Initial Move…


Day two often heeds much less energy for unpacking but muster up what you can, and set forth a plan. It makes things go much more smoothly when everyone is on the same page in what needs to get done. Make a plan of attack, room-by-room, for what needs to get done. Usually, the most pressing rooms are the kitchen and bedrooms… and bathroom, don’t forget to stock them all with toilet paper!


The Kitchen


Life happens in the kitchen because this is where we spend a good deal of time so it makes sense to unpack it first, after all, you can only take so much Chinese and pizza! If you have ever waited to unpack the kitchen, you know how frustrating it is to want a glass of water or a quick snack, only to look around in the sea of boxes wondering which one it could be. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo…




It is usually a good idea to have the appliances installed and ready to go before the move in date, but alas, life can get the best of us. If you are moving your appliances from your old place, use the guides, or better yet, call a professional to install them correctly. It is always nice to be able to throw a quick load of laundry in, run the dishwasher, or cook a meal without having to worry about missing appliances.




Getting the bedrooms square is important because this is where you go to relax and sleep every night, so naturally, having these rooms organized is key. Make it a priority to stock your closet and have your dresser all situated to ensure a smooth transition in the morning when you have to go back to work.


Living Areas


You could argue that these rooms are most important because this is where your entertainment comes from — especially in football season — so hooking up the TV and getting the couch situated is a high priority! Don’t forget to get the cable and internet connected before your move, otherwise, it may be all movies during the first week!


Unpacking can be the pits but know, this too shall pass! You’re so close to enjoying your new Cheyenne living community, don’t stop now!

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