Create your ideal space when you personalize it to express your design style!

In part one, we explored the first five ways to personalize your new home. In today’s post, we’ll cover the last five and leave you on your way to creating a stunning, unique new home!

Homes By Guardian is just the beginning of your new home — we cover the bones and create a house, while you add your personal style and flair to create a home. Partner with us and discover your new home in the Cheyenne area.    

Create a Knick-Knack Nook…In Every Room!

These nooks are purely decorative, but it brings your design aesthetic to the surface. If you have an expansive kitchen, leave some of the shelves open and create a nook that mixes your favorite cookbooks, colors, and vintage teacups. Add in a couple of pieces of art, and you have a space that is beautiful and one that everyone can enjoy.

Another great place for a little shrine of style is the foyer or entrance to your home. This is the ideal place to greet guests with a little taste of what you love. Adorn it with different layers of what you love — plants, bohemian furniture, and your favorite French sayings. A cocktail is also a nice touch here!

Fluff The Floors

Wood floors are amazing, but they’re even better with one squishy, toe-sinking fluffy rug. High pile rugs — ahem shag — are often passed over because they are tough to keep clean. No sweat! Place this rug in a less trafficked room and away from entrances — a quiet sitting room, a den, or your bedroom is a great place to bring the fluff!


Get Curious With Curtains

Upgrade your window treatments to roman shades or wood shutters to bring your personalization up a level, or choose curtains that make a statement. This can be chartreuse crushed velvet, floor length curtains in your living room, or grey, textured curtains in the living room. However you go about it, get curious, and choose curtains that reflect who you are.

Be Different

In order to have a different decor that sets you apart, you can’t go to the same big box store that all the neighbors frequent as well! Invest in the unique. Instead of decorating with a side table here and a chair there, look for something with a little more personality — avoid the mundane. Antique and thrift stores are a great place to find unique items. And, if you’re into the DIY craze, you can craft a piece exactly to your style tastes.

Play Up Your Hobbies

If you are a family that loves all things sports, make this a priority — and it doesn’t have to be corny. Stay classy by avoiding your favorite sports paraphernalia, and add fun touches such as a mini basketball hoop in your kitchen that you can have a spare-of-the-moment horse game while cooking dinner, or set up your ping pong table in an unconventional place.

Try Unconventional Style

A house has rooms that suggest where things go, but it’s not mandatory. You know the saying, “think outside the box,” and nothing is truer than your home space. Instead of a dining room, craft a beautiful yoga and meditation area, or if you have a spare den, turn it into a dance studio with full-length mirrors!

Make your house a home and use the little home design tips listed above to turn it into your own personal sanctuary.   

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