It goes beyond the crown molding and stainless steel appliances!

One of the biggest critiques of new living communities are the cookie cutter layouts and lack of originality, but this is far from the new home builds you’ll find in The Pointe or Thomas Heights. When you step into our premier Cheyenne living communities, you’ll get the best of everything Wyoming has to offer — wide open spaces for outdoor fun and city life filled to the brim with fun activities and restaurants to try.

Homes By Guardian creates living communities in the Cheyenne area for all stages of life — from buying your first new home to retirement. When you’re ready to find it all in one place, escape and set roots in The Pointe or Thomas Heights. In the meantime, learn the top ways to personalize your new home.

Putting Your Personal Touch on Your New Home

New homes are wonderful because they are a blank slate — you can walk into a fresh, never touched place and put your stamp on it. And even when the layout is the same as a couple of other houses on the block, this is your chance to distinguish it. Take it from us, we’ve seen some pretty spectacular homes in both The Pointe and Thomas Heights, which is why you can trust us for the best tips to make your new house a home.


Feature the Front Door

The front door is the entryway into your home so one of the ways to separate your home from the pack is to paint the front door. This way you can comply with the HOA and commit less to an exterior paint job by just sticking with the front door. Choose a fun color like red, tangerine, or periwinkle — it’s always fun to tell guests, “we’re the second house on the left with the tangerine door. You can’t miss us!”  

Hang Photos

One of the easiest ways to put your touch on your new space is by hanging photos. And if you’re worried about damaging your walls or putting too many holes in the brand new walls, there is a large variety of removable picture hanging strips or hooks instead of having to use nails. You can also mix it up a bit by hanging a large vibrant piece of art (think Andy Warhol) pairing it with black and white photos of your family.


If you haven’t already, get it there and paint the walls! There is nothing wrong with white, they’re actually quite trendy, but add a fun accent wall here and there. Once you get the color palette of the walls, it can help set the design tone for the rest of your home.

Add Dramatic Light Fixtures

Your home will come with very basic wall-mounted light fixtures which can easily drown your design. Don’t let your personal style fade into the lackluster light fixtures and add big, bold statement light fixtures — you know them and you love them. Ikea is a great place to find relatively cheap, statement-worthy light fixture to adorn your new home.  

Be different and express your style with the tips above! There are more tips to follow, so stay tuned for part two!

Learn more about Homes By Guardian and how you fit into one of our new homes in the Thomas Pointe or The Pointe living communities today!