Beyond working with a real estate agent and getting the most with your budget, there are many more factors to consider when buying a new home in Cheyenne!


In part one, we began by examining the things that are important for your future home — the location, the community that’s being fostered, and the schools. And, as important as these factors are, we began cultivating a checklist to help you when buying a new house in Cheyenne. Hone your home buying checklist with us today!

Stay neutral!


When it comes to new construction, it’s important to strike a balance with all the things you want in a new build, while staying somewhat neutral and not adding all the bells and whistles at once. Why not create your dream home? It’s not necessarily saying to not build and add exactly what you want, but you want to keep things comparable to the neighborhood — you don’t want to price your home out of the neighborhood. If you put too much into your home, it could be an issue later down the line when you’re trying to sell. 


Instead, pick the things that your love and will enjoy the most — beautiful countertops, a luxurious bathroom, etc — and remain conservative elsewhere. Keep in mind you can always add upgrades later on!


Understand the different floor plans. 


Likely, you’ll have a choice between different floor plans when buying a new house, so it’s important to really get an idea of what that is. There is typically a model home you can walk through to help you get the visuals, because, from there, the different home models will only slightly differ.     


Although the models may only be a bit different, like a staircase being on the left rather than the left, it’s important to think through how all of these things could potentially affect everyday life. 

Consider the costs outside the actual home!


There are many hidden costs that arise when buying a new home, especially the things that you may need that are beyond the upgrades of the home itself. 


A new home may be lacking common interior essentials such as window coverings and appliances and exterior features such as decks, landscaping, and fencing — all of which can create big expenses after you close. 


It’s always wise to leave a little extra in the bank and budget these expenses into your overall home buying allocations. 

Evaluate the unknowns.


In new communities, there are a lot of unknowns because the neighborhood is just being developed. You likely won’t know your neighbors and you may even have vacant lots in the area for a while.  


It’s true, there are many things that are uncertain, but if you can, try and get an idea of what some of the unknowns are so better to ensure your quality of life while living there.


For example, what are the services like? Is the trash and snow removal reliable? Beginning with these can help you better predict and evaluate the unknowns. 


Create your Cheyenne new build with Homes By Guardian!


Digging into and creating a checklist for your new home is essential — it helps you plan and organize the process and is a great resource in the home buying venture. 


For more information on the new homes we have available in Cheyenne, connect with us today.