There are many neighborhoods and houses in Cheyenne so if you’re in the market for new construction, there are plenty of options in this bustling Wyoming town!


Prospective home buyers have their own personal style and the idea of what they want their home to be — perhaps it’s nestled in the historic district with all the crown molding to boot or perhaps it’s a brand new home ready to be designed in every nook and cranny with the signature style of the new homeowner.  


At Homes By Guardian, enjoy houses in Cheyenne that are new construction and ready to be made a home. Learn more about investing in new construction in today’s post. 

What’s Important In Your Future Home?


When you’re beginning from the ground up on a new construction build, this is the time to really ensure there is a home being crafted to your needs. Buying a newly built home elicits many benefits that you just don’t get with purchasing an older home — you typically have a say in the kind of cabinets, flooring, and even floor plan that is being built. 


It’s important to first figure out what’s best for you and your family before deciding on a new build. Consider factors such as the location, what kind of community living is being developed (young families, retired people, etc), and the reputation of the company you’re working with. 


You’ll also want to know what’s included in the HOA, the ratings of the neighborhood schools, and what your commute to work may potentially look like. 


This is a vision of your dream home, so you don’t want it to become one of nightmares! Whether you’re commuting a long distance to your job, the schools are sub-par, or the wi-fi just isn’t strong, these are the things you’ll need to know and address before signing. 


So, what else do you need to know when it comes to buying a new house in Cheyenne? Below are considerations to check off your list!


Elicit real estate experts. 


There’s no harm or foul in partnering with a local real estate agent. Sure, you’ll have to pay the commission but they are a wonderful ally and resource to have in your corner. Not only are new home builders willing to work with, but the real estate agent knows the area, the builders, and can provide helpful information while looking at houses in Cheyenne. 


Consider where your budget can get you. 


In the home buying process, your budget is often a guiding factor in what you can do in a new home build, so it’s important to focus on the location and square footage of your home because you can always add upgrades later. 


It’s important to really focus on the location and square footage when buying a new house because these are things you can’t change. So, spending a little more on a corner lot or adding a third bedroom now, may make more financial sense than splurging on trendy countertops or luxury flooring. 


Homes By Guardian is your future!    


If you’re on a journey to buying a new home, Cheyenne is just the place to settle down! Once you’ve narrowed down what’s important to you in a new home, work with your local real estate agent and choose a location and the square footage before adding costly upgrades. 


Your checklist for buying a new house has just begun, so stay tuned for part two very soon! 


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