When you’re looking for new residential construction in Cheyenne, WY, the most natural first question you may think is, “is there a best time of year to buy a home in Cheyenne?” If you have the choice of when to buy you’re in a really good place and can keep an eye on the new residential construction that’s happening in your preferred area. While there are many factors that can play in to when buying a home is advantageous, such as where the market is at and what area you’re in, and we’ll look at what the conversation that’s currently happening in the new home housing market.

The Housing Market in Cheyenne

The housing market and especially the new residential construction in Cheyenne is robust, as the value of homes continues to get stronger. The location of Cheyenne being close to a major city Denver yet close to the beautiful Wyoming rocky mountains, make this town a desirable location to settle down and buy a home. The Cheyenne population continues to grow and new home builds and housing communities are being added at a progressed rate — now is the time to get into Cheyenne!

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Is There a Better Time to Buy?

If you’re working with a real estate agent and you ask them this question, they’ll always reply with “now is the time to buy!” They may have a better pulse on the market, but it seems like it’s always about to go up. When you pause for a minute, think about the home buying variables. What is the real estate market doing? What time of year is it? What area are you looking to buy in and what is the neighborhood doing? There are so many fluctuating components as to when the best time may be, but still, there may be times in which to buy and times to avoid the big purchase.

The People with the Numbers

There are those who are really great with numbers who can predict trends and where the next housing boom will be. There is the Case-Shiller Home Price Index that measures US residential home prices while tracking changes in values in 20 metropolitan areas. You also have companies such as Zillow and realtor.com conducting their own studies to gather additional information on trends to help predict what’s going to happen. Because they’re trends it means they could happen, but it’s not definitive. After all, there was a trader on Wall Street who predicted the housing collapse in 2008 but everyone thought he was crazy, and then the crisis hit. So, you never really know how things will go.

When to Begin the House Hunt

There are always more factors to consider when beginning the house hunt. The price of a home is usually the number one priority when it comes to buying a home. There are the few in the market for their dream home and have the money to be more critical, but for most buyers, the price and inventory come into play.

Trends Through the Months

Spring is a time of renewal and thawing out from a cold winter. As spring ushers in, so do newly listed homes! Because most people experience winter, this time slows listings and home buys, Who really wants to move their thing in the dead of winter? Some buyers and sellers wait for warmer weather, and at the beginning of March, we see a dramatic increase. As spring turn to summer listings increase every month and peak in May. If you’re a first-time homebuyer starting in spring may be ideal because there will be more homes in your price range that are available!

We know the housing market in Cheyenne is strong and that there are many factors to consider that indicates the best time to buy. You can look at the numbers that different companies issue or consider the months of the year when deciding.

Stay tuned to part two, as we dive deep into specific factors that contribute to the best times to buy a home.
At Homes By Guardian, our home prices are always transparent. We work with you to include specific upgrades, so as not to surprise you with any additional charges. While the best time to buy a home may vary, we are always upfront about our prices.

For more information about our new residential construction in Cheyenne, WY, connect with us at Homes By Guardian!