When the front or backyard dirt is too much, grass is the ultimate landscaping option!


There is nothing more exciting than moving into a beautiful new home — the crown molding is perfect and the contractor has crafted a home exactly to your specifications. All is well and good until you realize that, while the interior is warm and inviting, your yard is still a dirt pile!


Journey to a community such as Cheyenne and live in a premier neighborhood such as Thomas Heights or The Pointe. Homes By Guardian brings style and comfort to the west! If your new yard needs a facelift fast, learn about the advantages of grass from sod in today’s post!

Sod: The More Instant Gratification Grass Choice!


If you read part one, all about the benefits of grass seed, but need a more urgent solution, laying sod is an excellent choice! Laying sod can be done through a company or you can spend some quality time with your partner and get it done in a weekend!


Sod is the instant fix.


If you can’t bear looking at a dirt yard, sod is the surefire way to remedy this problem, or perhaps you’re hosting a house-warming party and need everything to be buttoned up for guests, whatever the reason, sod is the quick and instant solution.


Unlike seed, sod can be laid at any point during the gardening season so you don’t have to perfectly factor in and wait for a small timeframe, you can just do it!


When you work with a sod company, typically there is only one variety of sod available, but since it’s grown locally, it’s suitable for your area.


Because sod is considered a crop, it has been cared for and maintained in the sun, so if any part of your yard is shady, watch and tend to it with extra care. The sod, however, will adapt.

The Ease of Sod


Sod is a great option because not only is it instant but you don’t need the patience — you’re not watching the grass grow! It can be an easier option than seed and the sod is already weed free.


Weeds can be an issue with starting from grass seed, but this isn’t the case with sod!


The most in-depth part to caring for sod is keeping it watered. Once the sod has been laid, drench and soak the sod within 30 minutes.


This inhibits the sod from drying out and fosters a good root system. Once the sod begins to root, the watering can be less frequent and based on the requirements of your area.


Sod is going to be the most expensive option because, in a day or less, grass appears, so if you need your lawn today, sod is the answer.


The rooting will take time with the seasons, but if you care for and help your sod to root, it should stay healthy and thick for the following seasons.


Sod is a wonderful landscaping option if you have a yard on a slope or in erosion-prone areas where starting it from seed has been proved futile! It is also the choice to make if you need grass in your yard today!


If you’re ready to transform your yard, you have to have the house first! Connect with us today about the Cheyenne homes we have available in The Pointe or Thomas Heights today!