If you’re anxiously awaiting your new home in one of our thriving Cheyenne communities such as The Pointe or Thomas Heights, your mind is likely filled to the brim with new home designs to make it a reflection of your personal style. Are you going to install barn doors in your home for a country chic feel, or make your kitchen a food oasis with upgraded appliances that boast all the hottest bells and whistles? Whatever your personal style may be, you’ll find comfort in a Homes By Guardian community.

At Homes By Guardian, we are crafting Cheyenne communities to make your homebuilding experience a meaningful one. Our homes, whether it be a sprawling ranch or a two-story home design, offer maintenance-free living in beautiful homes you’ll want to stay in for a lifetime. We continue to expand as the town of Cheyenne flourishes, offering quality-built homes at price points that fit within your budget. Let your imagination run wild in your new home and take a peek into how monochrome is making waves in interior design!

Monochrome Design

Gone are the days of painting your walls a different color in every room of the house. Gone are blue, green, or brown accents walls and wallpaper (if that is even a thing anymore). In its place is monochrome, the art of keeping things neutral and white as is can brighten a dark room and make a small space look and feel open and spacious.

The monochrome home is having a moment in home design because it offers a variety of advantages, but make sure, if you decide to try it in your new home, it’s properly done! Below are a few design tips to make monochrome work for you.

Are you aware that white comes in hundreds of shades? Picking the right shade of white can sometimes be as daunting as picking the right color to paint a room. Before you settle on any old white, consider the lighting of your room. In large rooms with natural light and high vaulted ceilings the room exudes a warm tone, so painting the room a cool shade of white that incorporates a blue or grey undertone can be balancing. In a smaller room with more artificial light, balance it with warmer tones of beige or cream-tinted hues. Because the shades of white are vast they won’t always match, pay close attention to the furniture and the color of the decor if you don’t like the look of mixed whites.

If you’re going for a neutral tone pick the right home accouterments in the furniture and design pieces. You can always add color with the furniture, but to keep the look consistent, opt for neutral colored furniture in linen fabrics and off-white colors. You can give the room a dusting of natural wood tables or even a rattan piece that brings its woven, wicker charm. Adding black and white prints with a touch of gold or brass frames compliments a white wall nicely.

Adding color naturally by incorporating plants can give the room additional warmth and an added freshness. Plants provide a pop of color and helps break up the monochrome just a bit — be lively without being overwhelming. Textures are also a great way to break up monotone — add a beautiful rug, or uniquely colored blankets and throws to create an eye-catching style.

Create a new ambiance in your monochrome room with lighting, as lighting can dramatically change the mood. For a romantic boho-chic feel, add subtle twinkle lights strung throughout your plants or over your headboard. For a more rustic feel, use an Edison bulb fixed to a wood sconce or integrate candles and lanterns throughout the house.

If your home became a little too monochromatic for your taste, it’s very easy to accommodate. Add bursts of color in light fixtures and lamps, or in colorful planters and decorations.

A monochrome look can be accomplished in any room and can be a running theme throughout. Start your look by selecting the perfect shade of white and sticking with neutral furniture. You can add color with natural greenery, lamps, and decor, and create the perfect ambiance through lighting.

If you’re ready to try a monochrome room but are still in the market for new construction homes, Homes By Guardian is adding new homes to our blossoming communities every day. To find the perfect home that fits within your price-point turn to the beautiful homes we build!

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