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In part one, we explored the philosophy of feng shui and the basic principles of it all — yin and yang and the feng shui bagua. In part two, we’ll continue the conversation of feng shui and how it can be relevant to decorating your new home! At Homes By Guardian, we offer a myriad of homes for sale and real estate listings in the Cheyenne market in the designated communities of The Pointe, Thomas Heights, Granite Hills, Saddle Ridge, and Country Homes for the ultimate Cheyenne home buying experience. Let your dreams set root in Cheyenne today.

Home design comes naturally for some and for others it can be a bit of a stretch and heavy reliance on Ikea inspo! The ancient chinese developed a home decorating philosophy to follow, so if you’re a design disaster, even you can follow the basic principles of feng shui to bring harmony and prosperity to your home.

Building A New Home Through Feng Shui

Feng shui can be as intricate or as simple as you make it, but if you’re new to it, tackle the basic principles first.


We know, decluttering is at the center of every home improvement article, but it is for a reason. A cluttered or new home that has yet to be fully unpacked blocks the energy flow, thus impacting the yin and yang balance. Lighten the load a little and clear things you don’t need — things like the VCR you never use or your report cards and awards from middle school! Be mindful of cords and knick-knacks that can get out of hand very quickly.

TL;DR – Don’t skip this initial and crucial step.

Embrace the Elements

The natural world is very important to the ancient Chinese culture, so incorporate it into your decorating by allowing proper air flow and an abundance of natural light. Although you may be tempted to run the AC in the hot summer months, don’t forget to crack the windows or open a door in the evening to allow a cool, gentle breeze in. Plants do a great job of oxygenating the air, so add some greenery to the interior of your home. Also, if you don’t live in a place with a lot of natural light, use softer, yellower tones that mimic natural light and steer clear of fluorescent lighting.

TL;DR – Let the elements in by opening windows and doors and using natural light or yellow-toned light bulbs.

Energy in, Energy Out

Energy is the centerpoint of feng shui, so be mindful of the energy that surrounds you. This can be as simple as the images you hang on the wall and what they might evoke, to the feng shui trinity that are all centered around your health — the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

TL;DR – Energy is dynamic and ever moving and changing, so be mindful of what surrounds you!

Feng shui is a decorating method that aims to find balance in energy through the principles of yin and yang. We’ve only begun to uncover what feng shui has to offer in the basics of decluttering, using the elements, and creating the right kind of energy for your new home.

Want more in-depth feng shui practices? Check back for part three!

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