In new construction homes, you are left with a beautiful blank canvas to design and decorate your new home to exude your personal style and a reflection of your taste. Decorating your home has become a bit more involved these days with different methods of not only how the aesthetics should look but where to put things and why. Additionally, there is the Konmari method of simplifying your belongings and the art of feng shui of creating a space with good energy.

With over 100 years of combined homebuilding experience, at Homes By Guardian, we’ve watched as homeowners transform what we build into a home. We take it upon ourselves to pay close attention to detail in the trims we use to how the wood flooring is laid, so you can move in and enjoy the decorating process. We build exceptional quality homes and combine them with amazing neighborhood amenities to create community. If you’re looking for a fresh take on what being a homeowner looks like, peruse through our Thomas Heights or The Pointe communities. If creating a beautiful space where people can gather is what you envision for your new home, follow along as we look at the decorating method of feng shui.


What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui translates to “wind and “water” and stems from ancient Chinese culture and is the practice of the belief that the land, or your home, is alive and brimming with energy (chi). To evoke the positive and beneficial in your home, there is a method to follow in how you decorate and place items to avoid misfortune. You’re probably familiar with yin and yang, or the opposing forces that also cannot exist without one another. Feng shui helps to mediate this energy and help balance the energy, thus the experience you’ll have in a certain space.

Yin and Yang Expanded

Yin and yang are at the heart of feng shui and aims to create a good energy flow within your home to bring a happy, successful, and content life. The opposites of yin and yang are dependent upon each other and for harmony to exist, their duality must always be balanced. To create a balance in the household, incorporating the five elements — wood, fire, earth, water, and metal — and their associated colors help balance the energies.

Decorating According to the Feng Shui Bagua

The feng shui bagua (pronounced bog-wha) is a map based on old Chinese wisdom of the I Ching. The bagua ties the connection of different rooms in your home with the different aspects of your life to help improve the flow of energy in the way furniture and decorations are placed. A common example of this would be if you’re trying to enhance love or relationship energy you can position a wedding photo in a specific place, according to the bagua.

Feng shui can be as simple or intricate as you want to make it but relies on the foundation of balancing yin and yang energies to create harmony in your household. You can further explore feng shui with the bagua to set up a space and call upon energies in which you wish to incorporate. For further expansion into the method of feng shui decorating, stay tuned for part two!

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