Get to know your neighbors in an easy and not awkward way!


Building a neighborhood community can be hard to do — after all — you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or add another get together to our already jam-packed schedules. But, having a community that helps support and protect you and the neighborhood is something you don’t want to miss.


In part one, we explored some easy ways to get to know your neighbors, and we’ll follow it up in this post with many more tips and activities.


When you partner with Homes By Guardian in Cheyenne, not only do you get an amazing home but amazing people to build a neighborhood community with! Take a moment with us and venture through some more thoughtful and fun tips and ideas to better get to know your neighbors in Thomas Heights and The Pointe.

Getting to Know You


Building a neighborhood community is vital because it will only add to your quality of life. Not only do you have a built-in neighborhood watch, but you have people you can lean on in tough times.  


Perhaps your mower broke down, a neighbor you know is a good person to borrow it from! Or, maybe you don’t know algebra as well as you thought, while an older neighbor kid is willing to help tutor your kid — knowing those around you is always a win-win situation.


And now for more ways to build community in your neighborhood.


Start a self-care night for all the moms.


We know that everyone is busy, but whether you plan a night of indulgence every month or every six months, carve out some time to spend with the ladies. Alternate houses, unless you love hosting, and do wine and dinner, a spa night, or whatever helps you relax and wind down.


Volunteer as a neighborhood.


It’s important to give back to the Cheyenne community in which you live, and what better way to support your city than by volunteering with your neighbors. Climb Wyoming is a great non-profit that helps improve the lives of single mothers or United Way has a myriad of volunteer opportunities that the whole family can get involved in.  


Host a Drive-in movie.


So, maybe it’s not a drive-in, but create a backyard movie theater simply by getting a projector and white sheet you can hang. Put on a fun movie that the kids can enjoy, and have an area where the adults can mingle.


Parents love firepits, adult beverages, and comfy chairs!


You can also do a potluck style dinner where everyone brings their favorite food to share!


Plan an adults night out.


Depending on the ages and how many kids live on your block, gather them all together and have a couple of the older kids babysit while all the adults pitch in money to pay for their services.


Now you just found a free night with the rest of your neighbors to hit the town sans kids! Live it up and go on a brewery or wine tour or go downtown to Poor Richard’s or the Rib and Chop House.


Even if getting to know your neighbors is as simple as hanging out on a front porch, it’s worth it to build the community.


What are you waiting for?


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