Because getting to know your neighbors is important!


Part of cultivating the American dream is turning any suburban subdivision to a bustling community where barbecues and pickup kickball games happen on the regular. It’s not just knowing your neighbors’ names, but spending quality time with them and not only raising your kids but all the others that wander through your kitchen and living room throughout the years.


Community is being built by Homes By Guardian in Cheyenne. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer in the Thomas Heights neighborhood or retiring in The Pointes, our homes span generations and offer the best in new home builds! Now, let’s talk more about community!

A Thriving Neighborhood Begins With Community


The 1950s are the pinnacle of what most of us think of as not only the good ol’ days, but the days when a neighborhood really was a community.


So, how do we transition from being the neighbors next door you never see or talk to, to one that cares for and helps protect the community. Discover some ways to get started below!


If you’re moving to the Cheyenne area, you may be establishing roots in an area where you know no one, which is why connection and community will make your transition all that much better. Community is something you never knew you needed until you’ve experienced it!


Make the most of your move.


When moving into your new home build in Thomas Heights or The Pointe, use this time to your advantage and go and meet your surrounding neighbors. Chances are they’ll be outside greeting you already or poking their heads through the curtains to see what’s going on, so make the first initiation and say hello!


Throw a party.


People love parties, especially when someone else is throwing it! Create invitations and go door-to-door (another great way to initially meet the neighbors) handing them out.


A party is a relaxed environment where people can get to know each other — and who knows, maybe it will give everyone the opportunity to meet new neighbors!


Sit outside when your kids are playing.


Whether your kids are riding bikes or perfecting their tree climbing talents, sit outside while they play. Not only will other neighbors likely stop by and say hello, but if there are other kids, they might all start playing together and other parents will join you on the porch.


This is a fun, impromptu neighborhood party with bonus points if wine is involved!


Get everyone together for an upcoming holiday.


Of course, you don’t have to celebrate on the holiday but around the celebration. Host a neighborhood Thanksgiving at your place or organize with other neighbors an Easter egg hunt at the park by your neighborhood — it’s just about bringing people together.


We know why community is important — it invites people to take care of each other and the neighborhood they live in — which is why creating one is so vital.


We’ve listed just a couple of things you can do to help foster a neighborhood community, but we have many more ideas — stay tuned for part two!

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