Have you recently set roots in The Pointe or Thomas Heights living communities in Cheyenne? Get fun and creative home style tips here!


Congrats! You’ve made it through the hard and stressful parts — packing up, moving, and unpacking your new home! Now the fun can begin as you put your individual style into creating a space that is inviting as it is a reflection of you! 


At Homes By Guardian, we build new homes such as The Pointe and Thomas Height living communities for people to set roots down and experience how amazing Cheyenne really is! Follow along in today’s blog as we help you create a personal style for your new home! 

Your Cheyenne Home Needs YOU!


People can say what they want about suburbia and how cookie-cutter it can be, but Homes By Guardian not only creates beautiful new homes, but they allow you to cultivate an individual style that makes living in Cheyenne so unique.


So, where do you begin creating a stylish home? Get all the tips below!


Find Inspiration!


Sometimes all it takes to drum up a little inspiration is perusing Instagram, Pinterest, or your favorite home design website to begin to start to see the direction you want to go in creating a stylish Cheyenne dwelling. In doing this, you begin to identify your favorite design styles — modern, shabby or farmhouse chic, traditional, etc — and begin to compile exactly what you want each room to inspire. 


Make your style a long-term endeavor.


This may sound counter-intuitive, but creating a personal style takes time, so you don’t have to do your home over a weekend in one fell swoop! Begin by selecting a color palette you love and start implementing this in the rooms over the next few months. Remember, adding paint doesn’t have to be a whole room — it can be an accent wall, crown molding, or a window or door frame. 


As your color palette evolves add things in ways that work into your budget. For example, you may have a perfectly good chandelier but eventually want to swap it out for the modern and daring statement chandelier, so in the meantime keep what you have until you find the perfect one. 


Recognize dead spaces.


A clutter-free house feels amazing and is inviting to guests, but sometimes too much blank and dead space can feel cold and bleak, so it’s important to take note of these spaces and create fun and unique nooks of your home. An ideal area is the foyer or entryway — add a coat and shoe rack that helps keep things organized while adding a touch of your style. If you love bright colors, paint a couple of neon squares in the area and hang your favorite mix of inspirational quotes and pictures.  


Setting a style for your new Cheyenne home is imperative, after all, it’s going to be the place for your kids and their friends to hang out, fun weekend brunches with your extended family, and summer BBQs that are the talk of the neighborhood. 


Cultivate style by taking it slow and finding inspiration, and keeping your space warm and inviting by eliminating dead spaces.  


To learn more about our Cheyenne living communities and how to plant roots here, connect with us today!