New homes are a clean slate in cultivating an inviting, relaxing space for all to relax and unwind! Learn how!


In the new suburbia, you will often hear talk from critics about the cookie-cutter homes that are being built at a rapid pace to accommodate growth. In Cheyenne, we’re seeing beautiful growth and the homes that are being crafted by Homes By Guardian are well-built with the homebuyer’s interests in mind — high-quality craftsmanship with all the small details being worked in. 


If the west is beckoning you, Cheyenne, Wyoming is the place to plant roots with its expansive lands and small city charm, it’s the perfect place to land! At Homes By Guardian, we have premier living communities such as The Pointe and Thomas Heights with charming layouts that accommodate both growing families and retirees. Take a moment with us today, and walk away with tips for creating an inviting home space. 

Creating Relaxation in Cheyenne!


There are homes you walk into that you instantly melt into — they smell amazing, there is no hoarding, and it’s a place you just feel at home in — this too, can be your Cheyenne home, find out below!


Reinvent the daybed.


We know what you’re thinking, daybeds are so 1994, but manufacturers are creating amazingly fresh and inviting daybeds for today’s modern home. If you have a large window in your living room or bedroom, a daybed may be the perfect piece of furniture to invite guests to relax and unwind. 


For an even extra and cozier nook, add plenty of pillows, throws, and a faux rug for chilly fall mornings. 


Foster a connection-zone


There should be a space — maybe even a featured space — in your home that is free from technology. Revel in an area where it’s you, board games, perhaps a record player with vinyl after vinyl, and you’re surrounded by those you love! You connect in a whole new way that is free from the TV or other devices. 


It brings back storytelling and relating to each other that is often muted — chill out, relax, and make new and deeper connections. 


Bring back the home library.


Along with a connection-zone, a home library creates a place to unwind. These days we can get sucked down and into the vast rabbit-holes of the internet, so a perfect solution are books. A home library doesn’t have to be anything big and expansive, it can simply be a space where you install a couple of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with your favorite chair or bean bag and find your reading nirvana.


Add fun, non-traditional furniture


Apart from a daybed, add unique pieces such as oversized floor pillows, a hammock, or a bean bag. There are many companies who are creating fun and uncommon furniture pieces for those who are non-traditional and want to maximize a chill zone! 


Creating a relaxing and inviting space is really just imaging the little things that maximize comfort, from reimagining the daybed and creating a connection-zone to adding a library and fun, unique furniture.  

For more information on the homes available in The Pointe or Thomas Heights, connect with us today!