Build a solid foundation in new construction home buying!


In part one, we began exploring two crucial aspects of buying new construction in Cheyenne — educating yourself in new construction home buying and shopping around for a mortgage lender. In today’s post, we’ll expand and further explore how you can be new construction savvy!


At Homes By Guardian, we have a variety of homes available in both The Pointe and Thomas Heights Cheyenne neighborhoods. If you’re ready to set roots in one of the best up and coming cities, join us in today’s post. 

The Journey To New Construction in Cheyenne


The real estate industry can be confusing and intimidating, but this is no reason not to educate yourself! Let’s dive into more ways you can be new construction savvy!

Research the new home builder. 


Because Cheyenne is seeing so much growth, the demand for new housing is high. This means that many builders are out there trying to meet the housing demands and sometimes in that, quality can be sacrificed, which is why researching and vetting your new home construction company is vital. 


Before you settle on a specific Cheyenne neighborhood, it’s important to find out who the builder is before getting your heart set. Sure, this may not be as fun as picking out your paint colors or deciding between granite or slate countertops, but this is your future home — it’s important! 


How do you know if the builder is worth investing with? Not only can you do an online search and take a peek at their website, but some of the most valuable information are reviews and testimonials left by clients. Or, you could even walk the neighborhood and ask casually ask the people how they like the area and their homes.  


In addition, you can speak with the builder directly, and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Ask about their building processes or about the future of the new development. Put a questionnaire together with your real estate agent and then go to work! 


Always get a home inspection — yes, even on a new home!


There is a myth that a home inspection can be skipped on a new home because it’s new, but that is definitely not the case! People make mistakes, even in new home building, and they’re problems that could become worse over time. 


Getting a home inspection is important because it can point out any mistakes and provide feedback on things that need to be addressed, and at the end of the day, you’re making a large financial investment so it’s in your best interest to get a home inspection.   


Understand you’re buying a new home and not the model home!


Although there are instances when you can buy the model home, in most cases you’re buying a home and it won’t be the same, because again it’s not the model! 


The model will likely have all the bells and whistles and upgrades galore, that you won’t typically get on your new home unless it’s been explicitly been stated and it’s in writing. 


We’ve explored the importance of researching the builder, getting a home inspection, and knowing what you’re buying, which should give you guidance in starting buying a new construction home! 


For more information about our new home building or our current Cheyenne neighborhoods such as The Pointe or Thomas Heights, connect with us today!