Because your Thomas Heights and The Pointe homes in Cheyenne need to stay organized!

In part one, we began looking at tangible steps you can take to finally keep your home clutter-free. Things such as not accepting small free gifts or fliers when you’re out, dealing with the mail right away donating on a monthly basis, and only buying what you really need. In today’s post, we’re going to continue the conversation and provide you with more steps to keep your Cheyenne home in tip-top shape!


At Homes By Guardian, our resources don’t stop after your buy a new home in The Pointe or Thomas Heights! We’re here to help you keep your home fresh and clean with additional steps to decluttering your home! Join us for more steps below!

Decorate Minimally

There is no need to have a cold and stark home just to keep things organized, instead just think about what you’re keeping around. If you have to have the avocado ornament, get it! But, you don’t need a whole shelf dedicated to the little trinkets you find — this is how a Precious Moments collection get started and no one wants that! So, if you love soft blankets and fun pillows, keep a couple around and either delegate the rest to other rooms or donate them!


Swap Things Out

Have you heard of the one in one out method? This follows suit of donating items. When you get something new, say you love boots, then you swap out and donate a pair. You’re adding items you love and decluttering at the same time — this is truly a win-win situation!


Organize only what you need.

You know who you are! You buy every little organizing trinket on the market to help you stay organized! Well, we’re here to tell you that a majority of it won’t get used! So, figure out where you need the most help, such as in the closet or kitchen, and then focus your organizing there! Before you buy any new organizing piece, declutter the area in question, donate items, and then start the reorganization process!


Allow yourself one place to let it all go!

Sometimes to contain the chaos, we need a place to put all of our mess! Designate a drawer (meaning one!) and put all the clutter that fits in it! You know the junk drawer, this is it! Toss coins endless tape, tacks, and random sunglasses in it! 

Store similar items together.

If you have a lot of the same items such as boots, hats, or belts, store them all together in one place. This way you have a designated area that you know exactly where those items are. This helps you put everything back in the same place and it saves time and headaches in finding items. 


Decluttering and organizing may not come naturally to some, but with a little time and consistency to set up good habits, your new home in Cheyenne can be clean and tidy!

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