Keep your new home in Cheyenne clean and organized!


As you’re moving into your new Cheyenne home, while we all have the intention of keeping things neat and tidy, sometimes they just fall by the wayside. If you’re ready to finally get organized, we’ll give you practical steps to take to live clutter-free!


At Homes By Guardian, we are the premier new home builders in Cheyenne that boasts a variety of communities including Thomas Heights and The Pointe. To get great ideas and start organizing, join us in today’s post!

Just Don’t Let The Clutter In Your New Cheyenne Home


Life is hectic and between you and everyone else’s schedules, sometimes it’s easy to let things slip. You put off putting your shoes away or you create little piles that you’ll deal with…eventually! If you want to be free of the piles and have a house that’s ready for guests at any time, follow the steps below!


Stop the pile before it starts!

Guess what? Clutter will never happen if you stop it before it starts! We know, we know, way easier said than done! So how do you get to a place where you can stop the clutter? It actually may begin outside your home! When you go out, refrain from free gifts from stores, fliers, and impulse buys — these are the items that get stuffed in your purse or car and find their way into the little nooks and crannies of your home!


Deal with your mail!

Mail can quickly pile up, especially if you have to walk and get your mail, and what do you do when you get home? Throw it randomly somewhere! Mail tends to be everywhere and when there’s an important piece you need, you end up tearing your home apart! To prevent this mail rage, deal with the mail as soon as you get it — toss it, shred it, or recycle it — do whatever you need to to keep it at bay! One other suggestion would be to inquire about online bill pay or getting certain things electronically, this may help decrease your flow of mail a bit.


Donate Monthly

A great way to stay ahead of the clutter is to go through your things every month and donate the items you don’t need. There doesn’t have to be a charity event or big move to donate, you can do it any day of the week!


Only buy what you really need.

This is hard because we can easily confuse what we need with what we want, so learn the difference! When buying for your new Cheyenne home, consider what your daily life looks like — do you actually entertain a big group each week, or is it just you and a couple of others? This will help make buying housewares a bit easier, just buy what’s needed for now and if you need more later you can get it at that time!


There are many more steps to declutter, so stay tuned for part two!

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