New homes are popping up all over Cheyenne in living communities, such as The Pointe and Thomas Heights — because not only do they have all the coveted features new builds should have, they are close to shopping and schools — perfect for any family. If you haven’t already been invited to a host of housewarming parties, we’re sure you’ll have some in the books soon!


At Homes By Guardian, we build charming and aesthetically beautiful homes in the Cheyenne area that people can set their roots down in. With all the benefits of living in the mountains and wide open spaces, Cheyenne is the up-and-coming city to move to! Housewarming parties are a way to celebrate your new neighbor or congratulate your friend on their new home purchase. Follow along for fun housewarming gifts everyone loves to receive.

6 Housewarming Gifts For The Cheyenne Dwelling


Whether the housewarming party is a sprawling Moscato in the Pointe or a charming bungalow in Thomas Heights — you can bring a gift that fits the space. In a larger home, organization gifts are always helpful, and in smaller homes, kitchenware is always a hit.  


As with any gift, choose one that reflects you, your friend, and the new space they’ve just moved into! Below is a fresh spin on housewarming gifts.


A Welcome Mat


Welcome mats are a piece of artwork in and of themselves these day,s as they come in a myriad of colors and often have kitschy phrases. Find one at a local home goods store, or customize one online with their last name or their favorite breed of dog. Nothing ties in a new move by laying down a welcome mat.


Gift Cards


This may seem very common but gift cards are very practical, especially after moving into a new home. Moving in and unpacking takes a lot of time and energy so when you gift a meal to their favorite restaurant, nothing feels as a great as pausing and having someone else do the cooking!  


Fun and inspiring IOU Cards


Unpacking and organizing takes its toll, so having a friend who gifts IOU cards can be a lifesaver and reprieve from the hustle and bustle of moving. Make a set of cards that help lend a hand, cards such as:


  • Babysit
  • Provide a meal
  • Help paint
  • Organize the garage
  • Help with landscaping


There are ways you can help out, whether you’re handy with a screwdriver, or you are an immaculate chef!


Adult Beverages


You can’t go wrong with a bottle of bubbly and toasting glasses or an aged whiskey. No matter what their beverage of choice is — even if it is coffee — gift them with engraved glasses to commemorate the move or hand-crafted mugs to toast. Sit down and visit with them for a while and enjoy the moment of new beginnings and friendship!


A Picnic Basket


This doesn’t have to be a traditional picnic basket, but one filled to the brim with food and all the essentials. When you’re unpacking, you often have no idea where things are, so providing a basket with snacks, paper plates, napkins, and cutlery will make someone’s day!




Nothing livens up a new home quite like a plant. A plant lives longer than fresh flowers and most are low-maintenance. A wreath is also a nice, welcoming option — have one for the season, or have it adorned with their favorite dried flowers.


Welcome your loved one into their new home not only with your presence but with a gift that is functional as it is fun!

Learn more about new home builds in Cheyenne, such as the communities of Thomas Heights and The Pointe. Settle here and plant your roots in a city that still has a small-town vibe, but all the amenities a family needs! Connect with us today!