It’s time to move into a different home. Perhaps your family has outgrown your current one or you are looking into relocating. You have a decision to make: will you move you and your family into a home that has already been built, or will you build a new one? While it can be convenient to move into a pre-existing house, here is why you should consider building your own home:

You’ll Get What You Want

When you build your own home, there is no “settling” for less than what you really want. If you need three bedrooms, then you can have three bedrooms. If two full baths is non-negotiable, we understand! You will have complete say over what goes in–and what stays out–of your customized home. Oftentimes, home buyers have to sacrifice several items from their wish list to find a good deal, but that won’t happen when you build your own home.

Energy Efficiency

New homes are much more efficient when it comes to HVAC, insulation, and air filtration standards. The windows are new, which means that heat is less likely to escape in the winter and the cool is more likely to stay indoors in the summer. You also have the option of installing other environmentally friendly features and appliances, such as solar paneling and energy-efficient toilets and electrical fixtures. This is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your pocketbook when it comes to utility bills.

Minimal Health Concerns

A new home is much less likely to have issues that older houses frequently have, like lead pipes, toxic paint, asbestos, and mold. You also will not face the necessary updates many houses need when you move in, such as a new furnace or new flooring. These items could pose a safety hazard if not taken care of quickly after move-in. With a new home, you are guaranteed to have only the safest materials used.

Higher Value

Even though it can be expensive to build a home up front, the resale value is typically very high. You can make significant profits if you eventually choose to sell the home you built, and a new home is typically more sought-after than older ones. Newer homes demand less repair work and maintenance. They have also been built with newer materials, so they are expected to hold up much longer than their older counterparts.

It’s Yours to be Proud of

YOU built this home, and you will be the first to enjoy it. No one else has lived in it, and you will get the satisfaction of living in a dream home that you created. It has all of your must-haves. It matches your taste, your style, and your personality–this place is truly yours to call home.

Contact Homes By Guardian today and tell us how we can help you create your ultimate home. We offer a number of styles that we know will fit your life better than you can imagine. We are ready to build the house you have always wanted!