…It’s more than your curb appeal!

When investing in a new home, not only are you looking for a space that accommodates where you are now, but one that can grow with you — whether that’s raising a family or seeing your small business flourish.

You also have to think about the future and spend a little time thinking, will this investment pay off later down the road?

At Homes By Guardian, we’re creating new Cheyenne living communities such as Westedt Meadows and Whitney Ranch, all of which have the present and the future in mind! Learn more about the uncommon things that can boost your resale value in today’s post.

Looking for a maximum return on your home? It may not be just the stainless steel appliances anymore…

What affects your home’s resale value? While some are clear and will always boost your home’s value, there are some factors that you may not even realize correlate with its value and sale price.

Proximity to a large city.

Cheyenne is the largest city in Wyoming with roughly a population of 64,000, and while it’s not a major city, it is in close proximity to larger cities such as Fort Collins, Colorado and Denver, Colorado, making it a great place to buy a new home.

In Cheyenne, you have all the luxuries of small-town living, with the big city right at arm’s length — and this alone can be good for your home’s value.

Stylish Features

It’s very true — stainless steel appliances may never go out of style and they may very always well be a factor that boosts your home’s resale value. Apart from stainless steel, there are many other trendy features that people revere, things such as farmhouse sinks, barn doors, and additional custom features.

Proximity to Restaurants

When we mention proximity to restaurants, we don’t mean any greasy ol’ spoon, we mean popular destinations such as Starbucks — the closer you are to your morning coffee or a place you can meet up with friends, the more your resale value could be positively impacted! Here’s the great news — Cheyenne has three Starbucks, and they’re all in very close proximity to Westedt Meadows and Whitney Ranch.


An oddity of them all is that the interior paint color can bring in a premium, compared to homes that revert back to white! Out of all the colors in the Paint Color Analysis study, it revealed that shades of blue were the most popular, whether there were deep navy cabinets or a soft blue in the bathroom, they sold for more. Neutral wall colors that were blue-gray were also highly sought after.

When it comes to selling your home, maybe you don’t have to repaint — if it’s blue!

From living near a big city or places such as Starbucks to paint and trendy features, there are many factors that may increase your home’s value.

For more information about available Cheyenne homes in Westedt Meadows or Whitney Ranch, reach out to Homes By Guardian today!