Because fall is the season for real estate magic!


The dog days of summer have come to a close which means we’re well into the season changing with the cooler air and leaves that light up the landscape with their colors. Cheyenne is a spectacular place to experience all that the autumnal season has to offer, and it’s also the time where real estate listings are magic!


At Homes By Guardian, we cultivate Cheyenne communities such as The Pointe and Thomas Heights that boasts the best of multi-generational living communities! Join us in today’s post as we explore why buying a new home in the fall comes with a variety of perks!

Buying a new home in the Cheyenne area? Fall is a perfect time!


You can read article after article and closely watch the real estate market about when the best time to buy is, but there are trends that happen each season, and you just happen to benefit from them in the fall!


Real estate deals are more likely to pop up!  


Home sellers tend to list their home on the market in the spring and summer because historically, this is when people tend to buy. Many times sellers list their home too high and it sits a couple of months — with this you’ll see price reductions throughout the spring and summer. 


After labor day, sellers have much less of a motivated audience and are more likely to sell at a price that benefits the homebuyer!


There may be less competition.


Many home buyers with families tend to buy in the late spring and summer months because they want to get settled in time for their kids to start school in the fall. So, if you’re single or in a family without kids, buying in the fall is very beneficial because you don’t have to compete with the influx of families. 


In this situation, you can make offers that favor you and walk away with a great Cheyenne home!

Sellers are motivated to close before year’s end.


It may sound like we’re getting way too far ahead of ourselves, it’s only the beginning of fall afterall, right?! It’s true, we’re far out from the end of the year, but because the real estate market slows so much, sometimes sellers see their homes on the market for months. 


And with taxes in mind, sellers may want to take advantage of selling in the current tax season, so you may see amazing real estate deals with motivated sellers offering incentives so they can close by December 31st. 


The holidays give everyone — homebuyers and sellers — motivation!


The holidays are stressful enough and both homebuyers and sellers want to feel settled once they roll around, and this is definitely another motivating factor for sellers to bite the bullet and offer a price reduction or incentives for buyers.   


When it comes to the fall, magic is in the (real estate listing) air! This is the time as a homebuyer to take action and finally buy your Cheyenne dream home as this season offers a myriad of deals from motivated home sellers! 


How much do you love The Pointe and Thomas Heights? There are new home listings always popping up! To learn more, connect with us today!