Moving into a new home? While you have many options, choose the upgrades that matter!


This day has been a long time coming — move in day! You’ve obsessively followed along with the progress of your new home build, and you may have even given drive-by tours to those who were willing, during this time! You were able to create the home of your dreams — brick-by-brick and from one upgrade to another. So, what did you choose?


At Homes By Guardian, we have a new home community for you in Cheyenne whether it’s Thomas Heights or The Pointe, you can discover who everyone is moving to Wyoming — The Equality State. If you’re at a point in your new home decision making where you get to pick upgrades, follow along today and get an idea of the bests ones that also bring a higher resell value!

The Dream: Designing On a Free-Flowing Budget


Doesn’t it sound nice, no budget or one that seems to be ever-replenished! What would you do with a larger budget? If, instead, you are on a budget but want to make upgrades to your new home, we have some great ideas below, let’s check them out.




The standard in most homes is a mixed-material flooring with cheaper carpet and linoleum options. Upgrading your flooring really sets the tone for your home, so it’s a great option to invest in. There are many floorings to choose from, but always check in with your home builder and see what your upgraded options are.


Choose from a classic wood floor, tile, or even heated floors! If you’re into eco-flooring, people have been wild about bamboo and cork. Or, mix it up a little with flooring in high traffic areas and plush carpet in the living areas such as the living room and bedroom.


Crown Molding


Is crown molding still relevant? New home builders seem to think so! Crown molding instantly dresses up your home in the smallest way, fusing class and elegance. Upgrade to crown molding and keep it white for a traditional look, or paint it a funky color like neon pink or chartreuse for a modern flair.


Ask your builder about crown molding to distinguish your home from the others.


Custom Closets


Want to stay organized in your new home? Add a closet system to all the bedrooms! This is the perfect and practical upgrade that everyone can get behind. From double hanging poles and shelves stacked from floor to ceiling, customize exactly what you want and have the room and organization that brings harmony to your household!




This may not necessarily be an upgrade offered by the builder (look into it), but hiring a professional painter before you move into your new Cheyenne home, is well worth it. It frees up time, energy, and stress on your part, and at this point, there is no need to move furniture, take down curtains, and disrupt your whole life, because, well, you haven’t even moved in yet!


Choose a color that speaks to your style or a color scheme that flows throughout the house.


While there are many upgrades you can make, flooring, custom closets, and the paint will all make your house feel more like a home!


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