Your yard in your new home may look like an abundance of dirt, but it’s a blank canvas for landscaping!


Looking out a window to what is — now — a field of dirt, really holds many possibilities and it gives a chance to transform your yard into a sanctuary for your kids to play in or an oasis to entertain and cultivate your favorite flowers!


Homes By Guardian is the epitome of a fresh start — the homes are new and the landscaping is a blank canvas. If you’re ready for Cheyenne’s spring and summer seasons to sink your toes into lush, healthy grass, join us in today’s post!

Your New Home: To Sod or Seed?


Grass can be a tricky business, there is a vast amount of information and how to’s, but not many decisive answers. While laying sod or using seed seems to be one of landscaping biggest turf wars, truly, the choice resides with the homeowner.


Let’s examine each more in-depth below.


Grass From Seed


There are many advantages to tackling your grass from seed and it involves planting and sprouting your grass — this can be a weekend DIY project, or by a landscaping company.


Growing grass from seed will try your patience because it takes time so you’ll have to bear with dirt for a little while longer, and stay off of it so it can establish optimally and develop into a thick, healthy lawn.


Choose Your Seed


There are a variety of grass varieties to choose from, and many that do well in the Cheyenne climate. Talk with your home improvement stores and get recommendations from the experts, ask your neighbors what they’re using, or do a little online research.


It’s important to consider how much light and where the light hits your property when selecting seed. You may also want to consider a more drought-resistant seed or one that doesn’t have to be mowed as often — yes, they’re out there!


Grass Seed Timing


The timing for grass seed is important — for the cool-season start seed in the late summer and early fall, and for the warm-season in the spring or summer.

Protecting Seed


As we mentioned earlier, it is important to allow the seed to cultivate and develop, so ensuring it’s left alone is vital to its health.


Weed control is also another important aspect to growing grass from seed. Not only does it compete for nutrients, if left unaddressed, but they can also quickly take over your yard rendering the seed useless — watch for weeds.


Growing grass from seed is as arduous as it is fruitful! It’s cost-effective, being much cheaper than sod. While grass seed does take longer to grow into a covet-worthy lawn, you have to ride out the seasons and ensure you’re planting the seed in the optimal time — the window is often limited.


If you’re ready for the wait and have the patience for seed, while can deal with the dirt a while longer, seed is an excellent choice and yields a healthy, vibrant lawn when cultivated properly!


Interested in sod? Stay tuned for part two!

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