The Pointe neighborhood in Cheyenne offers charming ranch homes — find out why people love are flocking to this style!


Ranch homes attract everyone from seniors to young couples because of their adaptability, but they weren’t always a prime choice for homebuyers. Since their inception in the early 1950s, they were once the bottom of the architectural food chain when it came to new homes. They were seen as a budget-friendly choice that was too small with unbecoming features. Today, people are flocking to ranches because, yes they are an affordable option, but come with a host of features to fit a variety of lifestyles.


The Pointe neighborhood in Cheyenne is sprawling with ranch-inspired homes that are well-designed and expertly built — Homes By Guardian are known for high-quality new home builds. Join us in today’s post as we explore all the perks of a ranch-style home.

The Perks of a Ranch Home


There are so many perks to investing in a ranch home as they boast great style and have moved past their shortcomings in their early days!


Spacious, but not too spacious.


Ranches tend to be the smallest of new homes which are perfect for couples and those with just a kid or two. You can enjoy all the perks of a of a larger two-story home such as yard space and a garage without all the extra, sometimes empty, space.


Aging Friendly


Ranch homes are perfect for those who are getting older and want to minimize accidents at home such as falling down stairs. This style also allows them to enjoy all the needed amenities such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry all accessible on one level.


All Abilities Friendly


Ranches are the perfect new home design for those of all abilities — you can take special care to design a home that is wheelchair accessible or modified with features for those who are blind or deaf.


Open Floor Plans


Ranch homes are known for wide, open floor plans with a flow that seamlessly moves indoors and outdoors. Early ranch homes were built in a less formal style than other homes of the time, which is how they developed an established open floor plan.   

Enjoy a studio-type feel with an open floor plan and install French doors or large glass doors to bring the outdoors in.


Add-On With Ease


Because ranch homes are only one story, they are easy to add an addition onto because you don’t have to worry about supporting structures or supporting another floor — with a ranch you are able to just extend out.


Better Energy Efficiency


When you have more space, you naturally have to heat and cool more of it compared to a ranch home. While you may have better luck in the winter with a two-story home because heat rises, but in the summer you will have to run the AC longer and cooler just to keep the temperature down. Ranch homes are often more energy efficient.


Enjoy all the perks of a ranch-inspired home at The Pointe in Cheyenne. For additional information, reach out to our office today.